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Virtual Library of the Sami Language and Culture
University of Oulu. Sami linguistics and culture
The Sámi. General Information on Sami language and culture.
Saami Parliament in Sweden. Site about the Saami people, their country, history, media, religion, arts and crafts, and reindeer.
Sápmi. General information on Sami community.
Umea University. Department of Sami Studies
Centre for Saami Studies at Tromsø University, Norway. Activities, articles, bibliography and links.
Extensive documentation on the position of the Saami in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia: photographs and information on language, culture, economy, media, rights. Discussion forums as well.
Sami general information
Sami Radio. Newscasts and general information about the Sami community (mainly in Finland).
General information about Sami language, culture and history.