Information générale sur les langues minoritaires
European minority (or minoritized!) languages
Language futures Europe
World Languages Resources. Many products in many languages.
The MERCATOR Project is an initiative set up by the European Commission following the Kuijpers Resolution which was passed by the European Parliament on 30 October, 1987 (OJ C310) to promote the interests of the minority/regional languages and cultures within the European Union.
Endangered Languages and Unesco Red Book
UNESCO Red Book on Endangered Languages: Europe
Terralingua - Language diversity and biologic diversity
ECMI: European Center for Minority Issues - we
Yamada Language Center (University of Oregon)
European Bureau for Lesser Used Languages
European Research Centre on Migration and Ethnic Relations
Conseil de l'Europe (Charte Européenne des Langues Régionales ou Minoritaires)
Universal Declaration of Linguistic Rights
Revue Suisse de Science Politique. Papers on sociolinguistics and language planning
CIRAL (Centre International en Aménagement Linguistique. Québec). Language Planning Issues.
CIRAL. General information on the sociolinguistic situation of European languages.
Report 'The Conservation of Endangered Languages'. Centre for theories of language and learning, University of Bristol.
The Foundation for Endangered Languages. University of Bristol.
Diverscité Langues. Revue et forums interdisciplinaires sur la dynamique des langues
Server of the European Union
Working Papers of the Summer Institute of Linguistics available on-line
Centro Internazionale sul Plurilinguismo, Universitá di Udine.
France Minority Languages