Laura Borràs Castanyer
Professor of Humanities and Philology Studies (UOC)

Graduated in Catalan Philology (1993) and Ph.D. in Romance Philology (1997) from the University of Barcelona, having attained the qualification of European Doctor (1997) and been awarded the Special Ph.D. Prize (1998).

She is professor of Humanities and Philology Studies at the UOC, where she co-ordinates the areas of Literary Theory, Comparative Literature and Medieval Literature. She also lectures in Literary Theory at the University of Barcelona. She directs the international research group HERMENEIA, made up of professors from various European and American universities, whose mission is to study connections between literary studies and digital technologies.

Her interest fields are multiple and varied, from Medieval literature to the most recent electronic literature, including diverse subjects such as the interrelationships between miniatures and text within the context of Medieval madness, or study of the Don Juan myth in literature, music and film. She has been awarded the Distinction for Young Researcher awarded by the autonomous government of Catalonia (2001).