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74% Organs  
74% Pipe Organs  
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70% Organ Music  
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Leach, David R. 
Makers of mechanical pipe organs for home, street or fairground use. Photographs of recent organs and RealAudio sound clips.
Kegg Pipe Organ Builders 
Builders of pipe organs for Church, Synagogue, School, Auditorium and Residence.
The World's Largest Organs 
International list of five manual organs and those greater than 100 ranks.
Organs of Norrbotten 
Information about organs in the north of Sweden.
Sonic Creations Inc. 
Electronic additions for pipe organs with custom tuning to your voices. Electronic voices can be matched to recordings of your voices. These assemblies are offered in kit form or assembled and tested.
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Mander Organs
WELCOME to the Mander Organs website. Please bookmark our address and return to visit often. Let us know you have been here by signing the Guestbook,...

Pipe Organs and Related Topics
IPORG-L is an electronic mailing list whose members discuss musical, technical and historical aspects of organs of all kinds..classical, theater,...

Principal Organs of the United Nations
Principal Organs of the United Nations. General Assembly. Security Council. Economic and Social Council. Trusteeship Council. International Court of ...

Transplantation of Organs from Newborns with Anencephaly
Transplantation of organs from newborns with anencephaly. Bioethics Committee, Canadian Paediatric Society (CPS) Approved by the CPS Board of...

Pipe Organs of Portland, Oregon, USA
Pipe Organs of Oregon ~ Home Page ~ Can you guess our mystery organ? --> Portland Metro Area Pipe Organ stoplists of note. Cathedral Stoplists......

KJ's Pipe-Organs Page
KJ's Pipe-Organs Page. Glasgow. Pipe-Organs of the Glasgow Area. Pipe-Organ Events in the Glasgow Area. Pipe-Organs and Events outwith the Glasgow...

While working with each slide in this unit, not only should you learn to recognize the organ, but you should learn to relate the function of the...

"Pipe Organs and Music" (Home Page in English)
Organ Building and Design. History of the organ and its music. Organs for concert halls. Room acoustics.

Colorado HealthSite ~ Making More Organs Available for Transplant
Welcome to Colorado HealthSite!

126 Melodies For All Chord Organs 12 Worlds Favorite-Sheet Music/Score/Instruc
126 Melodies For All Chord Organs 12 Worlds Favorite; Miscellaneous; World's Favorite (Ashley)

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