Migration and information flows. A new lens for the study of contemporary international migration

Working paper

Adela Ros (aros@uoc.edu)
Researcher at the IN3 (UOC)

Elisabet González (egonzalezmartin@uoc.edu)
Researcher at the IN3 (UOC)

Antoni Marín (amarin@rdb1.jazztel.es)

Papa Sow (investigation4@yahoo.fr)


This working paper aims to establish a new field of research at the crossroads of migration and information and communication flows. There are several factors which make this a worthwhile perspective to adopt. The central point is that contemporary international migration is embedded in the dynamics of the information society, following common patterns and interconnected dynamics. As a result, information and communication flows are now starting to be identified as key issues in migration policies. In addition, there is a lack of empirical knowledge on the shaping of information networks and the use of information and communication technologies in migration contexts. This working paper also aims to serve as a source of hypothesis for further research.


information and communication flows, interconnection, migration, networks, new technologies of information and communication and information society

Submission date: March 2007
Accepted in: April 2007
Published in: June 2007
IN3 code: Working Paper Series WP07-002