Doctor in Computer Science from the University Polytechnic of Catalonia (1997) with a thesis entitled An Integrated Approach to Modelling Tutorial Dialogues under an Overall Rhetorical Structure. He has worked as associate professor in different universities: University of Houston (Dept. mathematics, 1984-1985), University of Illinois (Dept. of Computer Science, 1985-1987), and the University Polytechnic of Catalonia (Faculty of Computer Science, 1989-1995).
His current lines of investigation centre on the field of learning and working collaboratively in virtual environments, in particular the analysis and application of methodologies (for example, problem-based, project-based, case-based) in this area, the elaboration of conceptual frameworks and guides to create and organise collaborative activities, and about the utility and effectiveness of analysing and evaluating educational methods, collaborative mediums and systems for distance teaching and learning.