Dissemination, documentation and cultural communications, and heritage

The aim is to evaluate the potential of new technologies in the dissemination and documentation of museum's Cultural Heritage. Our initial proposal was simply to experiment with how virtual exhibitions could improve "real" exhibitions in terms of improving accessibility and access to information, public knowledge and number of visitors to the museums.

Our current project covers four stages: the analysis of theories after the construction of museum webpages, the practical and methodological analysis of experiences prior to the digitalisation of museums in Europe and the USA. The third part, and perhaps the most original, includes the development of a series of trial virtual exhibitions in conjunction with local museums of Barcelona and from elsewhere in Catalonia.


Technology, information, communication, Internet, heritage, culture, museums, institutions, reports


Coordinator: Cèsar Carreras

Researchers: Teaching staff and tutors at UOC who work in the area of Cultural Heritage and who are involved in teaching and projects in this area: Teresa Férriz, Margarida Loran and Piero Berni.

Web designers: Josep Maria Jansana, Pedro Bascones, Piero Berni.

Students: Ximena Pérez Marx, Joan Miquel Guasch, Josep Lluis Nin.

Collaborating institutions: The research group encompasses specialists from different Catalan, National and International institutions:



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