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Basic functions of teaching activities:

In an online learning environment, course instructors present, guide, plan, stimulate, focus, motivate, assess and tie together students' learning processes, with a proactive approach. br /> It is the course instructor's job to provide teaching assistance to students (individually and collectively), monitoring their learning over the semester and proposing improvements to the course.

Course instructor must settle doubts, offer examples and additional explanations that make it easier for the student to understand the subject matter, stimulate debate, encourage participation in forums, correct assessment tests, provide feedback to help students' learning processes, etc.

In addition to these basic functions, those contracted as course instructors may perform other activities related with the preparation of learning resources.
Course instructor must log on to the Virtual Campus on a daily basis and must answer students in a maximum of 48 hours.


Acceptance of affiliated teaching conditions:

The agreement the UOC establishes with affiliated teaching staff depends on the course instructor's main activity:

- In the case of course instructors who are members of another university's teaching staff, the teaching activity is carried out within the framework of the agreements that the UOC has signed with Catalan and Spanish universities, provided that the agreement is applicable and has been determined as such by the university of origin.
If it is applicable, it will not be necessary to sign any specific contract, as the relationship will be formalized within the framework of the above-stated agreement. In these cases, the inter-university agreement will prevail over any other instrument for formalizing the working relationship.

- In the case of course instructors who are members of one of the following groups:

Independent professionals
Professionals employed by companies or public or private institutions.
Teachers at universities with which the UOC does not have an agreement or it is not applicable.

The UOC formalizes the working relationship (responsibility for teaching a course) by means of a civil contract for providing professional services. The contract is signed electronically on the Virtual Campus.


The fees paid for the external provision of teaching services are calculated on the basis of the activity assigned in each case: tutoring, teaching assistance and other activities related with the preparation of learning resources.
The fees are paid in instalments over the semester, either directly to the teacher or through his or her university.