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Join our team Selection process

The selection process consists of four phases:

1.Receipt of all the applications and answer all the questions and problems that the candidates may raise (3/4/2017 to 2/5/2017).

2.Preselection, discarding all the applications that do not meet the minimum requirements.

3.Assessmentt of all the knowledge, skills and competencies related with the various responsibilities that the candidates will have to perform. The candidates' professional background will be examined, exploring it in greater depth, if applicable, at the interviews and professional tests. Information will be given about the call and the terms of cooperation during the interview. The interviews are scheduled between 26/5/2017 and 19/6/2017.

4.Notification. The Recruitment Board, chaired by the Vice President for Faculty and Academic Organization, may consult external experts in appropriate cases and may hold interviews with certain candidates. Official notification of the outcome of the selection process will be given by means of an email sent to all the candidates.
The approximate date on which the written notification will be sent is3/7/2017. All decisions made by the Recruitment Board are irrevocable and will be notified by email to the applicant.