In the media

La xarxa
«The university system needs 40 more million to pay all it owes»


La Xarxa

The President is interviewed for La Xarxa

Catalunya Ràdio
«Catalan public universities join forces to defend their reputation against the 'mastergate'


Catalunya Ràdio; El matí de Catalunya Ràdio

The Presidents of UOC, UB and UAB talk with Mònica Terribas about the 'mastergate'

La Vanguardia
«Cifuentes' Master discredits us abroad»


La Vanguardia

The President is interviewed by journalist Carina Farreras for La Vanguardia

Diari Ara
«We are preparing an AI system that allows the student to have an immediate response»


Ara Balears

The President is interviewed by journalist Martí Gelabert for Ara Balears

La Provincia
«The Canary Islands are seventh in the ranking of the regions of Spain for UOC students.»


La Provincia

La Provincia interviews the president

«The success of universities depends on schools» (in Catalan)



Josep A. Planell quoted during the event to present the Escola Nova 21 programme.

«We won't fight a war with the 3+2 model» (in Catalan)



The President is interviewed by journalist Núria Martínez for Ara.

Strategy Spain
«Online education is a tsunami that is going to hit higher education, and we need to be prepared» (in Spanish)


Strategy Spain

An interview with the President for Strategy Spain.

Diari de Tarragona
«Online students know how to be tenacious» (in Spanish)


Diari de Tarragona

The President is interviewed by journalist Norián Muñoz for Diari de Tarragona.

Cinco Días
«The University itself is a bureaucracy» (in Spanish)


Cinco Días

President's statements to the newspaper Cinco Días on the publication of the latest ARWU ranking results.