University social responsibility awards

Throughout its history, the UOC has received awards and accolades in recognition of its achievements and quality, its innovation and the excellence of its e-learning model.

Logo Alares Foundation
2009 - Alares Award for Work-Life Balance

The UOC received this award from the Alares Foundation, the mission of which is to promote initiatives to improve both people's living conditions, and companies' and institutions' social responsibility and competitiveness. The award came in recognition of the UOC's history of consistently promoting policies to improve work-life balance. 

CVA Logo
2007 - Flexible Company Award

The UOC received the Flexible Company Award from the Comunicación de Valor Añadido (CVA) consultancy firm. The award is for companies that stand out for their  policies to improve work-life balance. 

Logo MC Mutual
2006 - Antonio Baró Award for Health and Safety

The UOC received this award from MC Mutual. The award is for the work carried out by companies and institutions on occupational health and safety.