About the website


The UOC website is founded on the basis of being universally accessible.

The website is being adapted to comply with the recommendations adopted by the W3C World Wide Web Consortium, in order to eliminate barriers that impede people's rights to access information and communication.

Accessibility standards

  • Use of XHTML code, which permits the creation of standar documents and an organised structured.
  • Contents positioned using CSS and without producing tables. Screen readers for people with reduced sight and the blind that read documents in a logical manner.
  • Colours and letters size, which are modifiable by navigational tools to adapt them to the needs of people with impaired sight.
  • Alternative descriptions of the images.

The AA web content accessibility level directives are already being applied in the following areas:

  • Home
  • The University
  • Research and innovation
  • Dissemination and publications

 And in the following areas:

  • Campus for Peace
  • Departments
  • eLearn Center
  • Linguamn-UOC Chair in Multilingualism
  • Innovation Programme
  • Press room
  • Research and Transfer support Office (OSRT)
  • School of Languages
  • Technology
  • The UOC in Latin America
  • Unesco Chair - Education and Technology for Social Change