Aina Vidal-Pérez to take part in 23rd Symposium of the SELGYC

Aina Vidal-Pérez, pre-doctoral researcher in the IN3's Global Literary Studies (GlobaLS) group, is to take part in the 23rd Symposium of the Spanish General and Comparative Literature Society (SELGyC) with a talk on "The novel in the global age. Ecocritical perspectives of the Mediterranean" in the Literature and Ecology track.





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Spanish General and Comparative Literature Society (SELGYC)


In her talk, which will take place on Thursday 25 February, Vidal-Pérez "will cover a series of contemporary novels based in different parts of the Mediterranean coast which, on the one hand, highlight the ambiguities existing in the traditional Mediterranean imaginary and, on the other, characterize a sea facing the problems of the environmental consequences of globalization".