Get to know the Equality Unit

Created in 2008 in order to develop gender equality policies within the UOC, the Equality Unit is a body which reports to the University's Office of the Vice President for Globalization and Cooperation. The Equality Unit's principal function is to ensure compliance with current legislation for effective equality between women and men, adopting the principle of equal opportunity and non-discrimination on the grounds of gender or sexual orientation, at all levels of the University. 

The Equality Unit has thirteen members:

  • Pastora Martínez, president
  • Maria Olivella, coordinator 
  • Anna Clua, member
  • Mònica Falqués, member
  • Bettina Steible, member
  • Jordi Planella Ribera, member
  • Aurea Cristina Mota de Araujo, member
  • Rachel Palmen, member
  • Mireia Castillon Fuster, member
  • Raul Gotor López, member
  • Anna Nebot Garrigó, member
  • Gina de Tera Álvarez, member
  • Cristina Villanueva, member

Since the Equality Unit's creation it has produced three equality plans as well as a protocol to counter harassment relating to gender or sexual orientation. The purpose of these initiatives is to lay the groundwork for implementing gender equality policies at the UOC and to raise awareness within the UOC community of the importance of including a gender perspective in all regular activities. Put another way, all of the Equality Unit's actions stem from a will to promote structural changes throughout the University, which over time may enable changes in the culture of its members regarding ways in which gender inequality is perceived and addressed. As such the Equality Unit sees gender equality as a matter that covers all areas of the UOC, ie something that concerns all of its staff members and for which all the University's departments hold responsibility.

The Equality Unit is currently in the process of rolling out its third equality plan for women and men at the UOC (2015-2019).