General values and principles

The university community carries out its tasks with the general ethical values and principles that are set out in the points described below.

  • The respectful treatment of people and respect as a general value that should inspire all the behaviour of every member of the UOC. This respectful treatment should be present in all written and verbal communications.

  • The respect for diversity in all the manifestations compatible with human dignity and universal human rights. In the case of the UOC, this diversity is fundamentally channelled in commitment and respect in the application of gender policies, and of policies for the promotion and acceptance of cultural plurality based on the essential commitment to Catalan society and culture.

  • The confidentiality of the private communications that are received and the undertaking not to provide third parties with data obtained through distribution lists or information on the public spaces of the UOC Virtual Campus.

  • The promotion of open knowledge, in accordance with any copyright, in all academic and professional activities at the UOC. We must ensure the dissemination of knowledge and the proper recognition of the authorship of the ideas, materials or documents used.

  • The participation of the whole community in the dynamics of the University, with the adequate channels for the free expression of proposals and the necessary actions to maintain and improve our activity, with the fostering of dialogue and the accountability to the university community and to society.

  • Sustainability, in every aspect, as the basis for the planning and development of the University's activity. We will ensure that the processes and actions carried out are environmentally sustainable.

  • Innovation, as cross-disciplinary core of all our actions. The University is open to educational, technological and institutional innovation, while at the same time fostering the entrepreneurial initiatives and creativity of the people who are in the university community.

  • Quality ingrained in the institution. We will work to achieve excellence in education services, in teaching and research work and in organisational processes. We will ensure that we take into account the opinion of the students, graduates and society, and we will also ensure the academic rigour of teaching programmes and lines of research.

  • Cooperation, especially in the relationship with society as a whole and its productive fabric, with the aim of establishing an organisational culture based on flexibility, social commitment and the construction of institutional ties sustained by collaboration.

  • The dignity of working, professional and teaching conditions, with the allocation of the resources and conditions required for the performance of the functions of the various groups that work at or collaborate with the UOC.

  • The adequate use of the available means and resources. Since it is an institution that offers a public service, the UOC must take special care of its resources and it must be accountable for their use and results.

  • The undertaking to disseminate in society the set of values traditionally associated with university activity, such as liberty, equality, dialogue and critical sense.