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University Master's Degree in eHealth: training you for a career in the future of healthcare


Photo: UOC

Teresa Bau

"The recent introduction of digital technologies into the health system poses a challenge that requires training." So says Carme Carrion, director of the UOC Faculty of Health Sciences' University Master's Degree in eHealth and head of design & assessment of actions in eHealth at the eHealth Center.

This master's degree aims to train not only health professionals in eHealth, but also technical specialists who work in the health sector. There is a significant lack of training in this field, given that the digital transformation of the health sector we are currently immersed in is still not given enough attention by medicine, nursing or psychology faculties, or by any other health sciences education providers. "We cannot ignore the digitalization of the health sector. We're not talking about the future, but about right now", Carrion emphasized.

The first part of the master's degree – worth 30 ECTS credits – will examine how professionals can contribute to the changing model, introducing technologies that facilitate different processes and improve health results and patients' quality of life. In the second part students will be able to choose from two specializations: eHealth Management or Innovation and Entrepreneurship in eHealth.

Carrion went on to say "We cannot wait any longer: we need professionals who promote this change by channelling health management in this direction. This master's degree will train graduates to be the drivers of this digital transformation within the health sector."

The pillars of this training will be based on the UOC eHealth Center's four knowledge areas: education and empowerment in health; design & assessment of actions in eHealth; data science; and eHealth and equity. Carrion also spoke of the importance of assessment: "There are a great number of digital solutions, but not that many that contribute real value. It is vital to assess digital solutions' implementation and monitor them to make sure they are truly beneficial".

This UOC master's degree is the only official eHealth master's degree for health professionals, and its aim is to attract professionals from a variety of health industry areas: from doctors, nurses, psychologists, biologists and physiotherapists to managers and innovation experts.

Find more information about the programme and how to enrol via this website.