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The eHealth Center breaks new ground in e-health, publishes its first memoir

Image: UOC
Imma Alberch

The memoir provides an account of the eHealth Center's first year of life, a year that has allowed them to define, roll out and consolidate their operations. During this time, the Center has been well received by society as well as by the academic and medical sectors alike.

The eHealth Center is a pioneering academic initiative in Southern Europe. It is based on a mission that aims to train and empower citizens and professionals through technologies and scientific evidence so that they themselves can lead the paradigm shift in health from a salutogenic perspective.

The Center was founded on 27 June 2017 and seeks to promote, facilitate and catalyse e-health inside and outside of the University to transfer this knowledge to society. Their activity is structured into four main knowledge pillars: (1) education, empowerment and participation in health; (2) the design and assessment of e-health interventions; (3) health data science; and (4) e-health and equity.

We encourage you to read through the memoir to gain a more detailed understanding of the eHealth Center's lines of work!