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Two years of the eHealth Center!

Imma Alberch

The eHealth Center celebrated its two-year anniversary on 27 June. It's been a short but intense journey replete with challenges and developments, events, symposia and conferences, meetings and hard work. These past two years have been key to the start-up of the centre as a promoter of research, innovation and training in e-health at the UOC.

Our worked has focused on three premises: firstly, to promote research and knowledge exchange both inside and outside the University; secondly, to facilitate networking; and, finally, to catalyse e-health and publicize the research, innovation and training activity undertaken at the University. In short, it's been two years dedicated to literacy and participation in health, the design and assessment of participation in e-health, and health data science.

Marta Aymerich, president of the eHealth Center's Executive Board, viewed this period positively: «the centre has provided knowledge and achieved interdisciplinary cooperation – no easy task – consolidating the international cooperation on which it was founded and yielding its first scientific results, which we hope can have an impact on the area of health and quality of life in the not-too-distant future».

The eHealth Center team would like to thank everyone, both at the UOC and outside the institution, who has accompanied us on this journey. We will continue our efforts to make this community grow so that we can carry on working together in the fascinating world of e-health!