Education, empowerment and participation in health

This area includes:

Education in health and digital skills: The eHealth Center seeks to put training and applied research in the field of eHealth within people's reach, giving them tools that enable them to select information and enhance their ability to obtain, process and understand basic issues in the field of health and the necessary services to enable them to make suitable decisions about their health and well-being. Both health professionals and the general public need training to attain digital skills in the management of their state of health.

Empowering people with respect to their health: The eHealth Center seeks to influence the design of conceptual change models and the acquisition of evidence-based habits. Through education, research and guidance in the field of digital health, citizens and communities become empowered to take greater control of the decisions and actions that affect their health and disease prevention.

Participation in health and well-being: The eHealth Center seeks to strengthen and empower health professionals and the general public with respect to disease prevention and also to foster healthy living habits. With the goal of playing a more active, participative and committed role in issues related with individual and community health and well-being. Thereby generating an analysis of citizen participation systems in health systems, and to encourage their participation in and engagement with public health policies. Taking into account the cultural, anthropological and philosophical determinants of the health provider-patient relationship.


Design and assessment of interventions in eHealth

The eHealth Center fosters the design, assessment and scientific validation of mobile apps, using the best scientific evidence available.


Health data science

The eHealth Center develops health-related big data strategies and services, generates evidence and validates models. Through its capacity for data processing, management and analysis, it is possible to develop personalized, predictive, preventive and participative processes for the provision of health and well-being.



eHealth and equity

The eHealth Center contributes to identifying the causes of health inequality and fostering the reduction of such inequalities in order to guarantee everyone the same opportunities for enjoyment of their lives, irrespective of their economic and social status.