COMTELMO. Análisis de la comprensión lingüística en niños de infantil y primaria con dificultades del lenguaje mediante el registro de movimientos oculares

Area: Health Sciences

PI: Andreu Barrachina, Llorenç

Research group: GRECIL - Grup de Recerca en Cognició i Llenguatge

Project status: Closed

Funding institution: Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad - España

Dates: 2014-2017

Objectives: The goal of this project is to study how children with and without SLI understand spoken sentences in real time. The project is based on use of the eye-tracking technique during the performance of tasks that affect understanding of sentences' lexical and morphosyntactic aspects. A series of eight experiments will be performed to analyse how and at what point during oral understanding of sentences are the various lexical units and their morphological markers processed, and to explore the role of the interaction between the sentences' lexico-semantic and syntactic-grammatical features.