Learn4Health (L4H)

Area: Health Sciences

PI: Medina Luque, Francesc Xavier

Research group: Food Lab

Project status: Open

Funding institution: European Commission

Dates: 2016-2019

Objectives: Learn4Health (L4H) promotes change in school children's food culture and health through school interventions aimed at students and teachers. The initiative responds to a call from the European Union (EU White Paper, 2007) for the improvement and innovation in the way food literacy and nutrition is taught and learned in European schools. In this sense, L4H seeks to bridge the gap between teaching/learning in the classroom and the food/health environment of school age children, through project-based curricular activities that use the daily food and eating practices of those students as curricular context.

This is a three years strategic partnership of six (6) countries: Denmark, Slovenia, Lithuania, Spain, England and the Netherlands. The initiative uses existing and emerging collaborations between different groups in each of these countries to collect, synthesize, test and deploy "best practices" of health and nutrition. The project aims to promote healthy and sustainable eating among schoolchildren through the development of a model for changing the practices and pedagogies around food and health that can be used in most European countries.