Why an eLearn Center?

The eLearn Center's goal is to foster applied research in e-learning, using data obtained within the institution itself, either from users or from sections or processes, and to do so to benefit innovation and contribute to improving the quality of teaching. It works in a number of fields to offer students the best possible learning experience and to support academic staff in achieving this goal.

Among other services, it analyses and redesigns courses and programmes, organizes themed sessions, studies and selects learning resources, obtains data to improve teaching and offers the chance to experiment and conduct trials in a real-life setting, while constantly monitoring the field of e-learning. 


Interview with Lluís Pastor, Director of the eLearn Center


Lead the change in the educational model. Be a world powerhouse in research into e-learning.



Position the UOC as a world benchmark in e-learning.



The eLC is guided by the values that govern the actions of the UOC.