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eLearn Center Innovation

The UOC is an innovative university by nature and conviction that undertakes innovation as an identifying and cross-disciplinary trait present in all its activities and processes.

We promote innovative ideas based on available data and we ensure that the resulting improvement is both incremental and ground-breaking.

Potentially everyone. Innovation at the UOC is cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary. This is why we facilitate collaboration between academia and administration, and we think of the whole of the UOC community when it comes to generating ideas and implementing them.

Internally: bottom-up and top-down.
Externally: companies,in & out.

The team responsible for fostering innovation, part of the eLearn Center, takes charge of detecting, facilitating, redirecting and promoting innovative initiatives, as well as collaborating with the projects that are derived from them and taking part in them.

Innovation projects can be bottom-up, emerging primarily through internal calls (APLICA), or top-down, the result of a cross-disciplinary institutional proposal (PETRA) and, consequently, usually larger in scale than the former.

With the aim of generating successful products, it is guaranteed by the innovation area that:

  • The ideas gathered are consistent with the University's strategic plan.
  • Initiatives are chosen using responsible filtering.
  • Projects are managed optimally to guarantee their evolution and implementation.

In addition, the innovation team carries out other duties:

  • Generate innovation results that contribute to transforming the UOC.
  • Generate, both by the eLC and the UOC, and coordinate transformative projects (high impact).
  • Define management indicators of the funnel of ideas and projects
  • Disseminate innovation results.
  • Facilitate the internal and external transparency of results.

As a result, projects emerge that have an impact on the innovation of the teaching or administrative activity, and the necessary mechanisms are channelled for the dissemination, continuity and evolution of these projects.


Innovation Committee