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FUTURA - Future of University Teaching: Update and a Roadmap for Advancement

Projecte eLC -  FUTURA

Description of the product/result: Study on the trends in e-learning and blended learning in higher education, mainly in Europe, USA, Canada and Australia.
Coordination: Lourdes Guàrdia and Cris Girona (eLC)
Collaborators: Gabi Witthaus (Art of eLearning)
Viewers: Technology and TechForce
Lenght: March 2015 - March 2016
Tipology: eLearn Center Project
Keywords: higher education provision; teaching and learning; technology in education; labour market; professional profiles; curriculum and course design; e-learning, blended-learning; educational model.


Study of e-learning and blended learning trends in higher education, mainly in Europe, United States,Canada and Australia. It aims to respond to the challenges facing the UOC with regard to its educational model and the type and structure of the programs offered, according to the professional profiles and labour market requirements in the coming years.


  • Describe the context of the UOC and its main challenges.

  • Describe the state-of-the-art university education and identify the main trends in online teaching and learning (e-learning and blended learning).

  • Identify best practices in online teaching and learning, from the pedagogical and technological perspective.

  • Identify actions that the UOC could take in the future, taking into consideration trends in education and technology, emerging professions and labour market requirements.

  • Recommend a roadmap for strategic decision making to the UOC.

  • Disseminate the results internally and externally.

The study, which is organised in seven work blocks, will perform an in-depth analysis of practical cases that provide relevant information on the different trends identified in the first part of the study, and it will provide guidance for the UOC in strategic decisions, such as the type and structure of the programs offered, as well as on aspects related to the educational and technological model.

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