Research and knowledge

Research and knowledge at the eLearning Innovation Center

Applied research

The UOC is an excellent source of data regarding teaching and learning processes based on the use of ICTs. The aim of applied research is to promote research in e-learning in order to improve teaching practice.

  • At the UOC the student is at the heart.
  • At eLinC Research, the student of the future is at the heart.

From the strategic principles of the eLinC to the world, through the definition of medium-term research projects and the observatory of world trends in e-learning.

We will be working on research projects to provide solutions for future students.


The eLinC has implemented the BIP initiative (Boosting impact publications) in order to promote publications in the sphere of e-learning and encourage translational research in this field. The UOC researchers who are starting or have already completed research in this field have access to mentoring through the role of the ELW (E-learning writer). The UOC supports the entire process to ensure the projects are published in the most appropriate journals.

The mentoring includes recommending the topic, initial and continuous guidance and feedback on the same, guidance on the design of the research, co-authorship and transdisciplinary publication.