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Doctoral School Admission

Apply for admission

If you wish to apply for admission to a doctoral programme you need take the following steps.

Step 1. Consult the research lines for each programme (Information and Knowlege SocietyEducation and ICTNetwork and Information Technologiesand choose the thesis proposal that best matches your research interests.

Step 2. Contact the researcher in charge of this thesis proposal and send them a cover letter explaining your background and the contributions you could make to this research line.

You can find the researcher's email address or the website for their research group from the thesis proposals.

Step 3. Fill in the access application form  that you will find in the description for each doctoral programme, and wait to receive your username and password to sign in to UOC Virtual Campus with. If you already have a UOC username and password, you can use them.

Step 4. Enter your username and password on the UOC website.

Step 5. Look for your reception room and read the instructions. After reading the information, feel free to ask any questions related to your application.

Step 6. Fill in the admission application form (once your acces in Virtual Campus). Indicate whether you are applying for a UOC Doctoral School grant or not and the researcher(s) you have been in contact with.

Step 7. Once you have all the documents you need, visit the Secretary’s Office > Enrolment > Documentation. There you will find a link, for your academic documents (diplomas and transcripts) and for admission documents (motivation letter, recommendation letter, identification, CV, English-language certificate and a brief personal doctoral project or article).Namely, last-name document type. For example: Smith-John-passport.

If you pass the first phase of the admissions process you will receive notification confirming that you have made it through to the second phase of the process and a telephone interview will be scheduled.

If you pass the second phase of the admissions process you will receive notification confirming your admission. From this point, you will have a maximum of one month to communicate your acceptance of the place on the doctoral programme. If confirmation is not received, you will not be admitted to the programme.

Once you have confirmed your acceptance, you will have to submit certified photocopies of the certificates, qualifications and academic records that qualify you for admission to the programme. University qualifications that were obtained in higher education systems outside the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and that are not homologated (officially recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Education) must be authenticated through diplomatic channels (or, if necessary, by means of a Hague Convention apostille). Any certificates, degrees or academic records that are not in one of Spain's official languages or English must be accompanied by a sworn translation into Catalan, Spanish or English. Admission to the programme depends on your presenting the official documentation, which has to be sent by registered mail to ensure it reaches its destination:

Ref: Doctoral School
Apartado de correos 29005
08080 Barcelona

Failure to submit these documents or any discrepancies between the information they contain and that provided on your application may result in you being denied admission to the doctoral programme.