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Internet Computing & Systems Optimization

Internet Computing & Systems Optimization (ICSO)

Internet Computing & Systems OptimizationFrom logistics and transportation to Internet-based computing and collaboration and smart cities, the information- and technology-based (IT) systems around us are becoming more complex in their management due to their global scale, dynamic inter-dependencies, decentralized operations, real-time requirements and high uncertainty levels. Academics in the Operations Research & Analytics (ORA) and Computer Science (CS) communities focus on developing interdisciplinary models, algorithms and software solutions aimed at improving the performance and efficiency of these IT systems.

In the context of the HAROSA International Network, since 2009 the senior members of ICSO have been collaborating with researchers from other universities and research centres around the world in the development of computational intelligence solutions that allow our industrial partners to increase significantly their efficiency and competitiveness levels. Accordingly, the main goals of our group are:

  • To develop high-quality research in cooperation with our international partners in Europe and North and South America, carrying out several ongoing projects as well as taking on  new ones.
  • To provide methodological and analytical support (knowledge transfer) to enterprises in different sectors, so they can increase their competitiveness in the current global economy.
  • To train a new generation of ORA/CS researchers able to deal with the complexity of IT systems in the Internet age and contribute to making them more efficient and sustainable.

With that purpose in mind, we have configured an interdisciplinary team composed of 8 PhD students and 6 senior researchers with a solid background in indexed publications and leadership of competitive projects.

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Information and technology-based systems, operations research & analytics, internet-based computing & collaboration, computational intelligence, logistics & transportation, smart cities.

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Research lines
  1. Systems optimization for a smarter world: developing intelligent algorithms and software solutions to support complex decision-making processes in L&T, real-time positioning, smart cities, and finance.  In particular, simheuristic algorithms (Juan et al. 2011, 2013, 2014) combine metaheuristic optimization, simulation, and Internet-based parallelization techniques to efficiently deal with uncertainty issues in real-life systems.  Line coordinator: D. Riera.
  2. Internet computing & collaboration systems: developing, analysing, and optimizing large-scale, collaborative, and non-dedicated systems over the Internet (Cabrera et al. 2014; Caballe et al. 2011; Daradoumis et al. 2011).  Currently, we are involved in the following projects: Garlanet (a Twitter-like decentralized micro-blogging social network) and LSim (a tool for testing applications and protocols in a set of distributed computers).  Line coordinator: J. M. Marquès.
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Open projects
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