The Novel as Global Form. Poetic Challenges and Cross-border Literary Circulation


The GlobalNovel project introduces a new, more integrated, and decentralized perspective in the study of the emergent genre of the global novel, defined as a narrative form that aspires to represent and think about the contemporary world from a global perspective. This new approach will help us better understand how the global novel contributes, discusses and builds global discourses through specific exploratory poetics. Simultaneously, it will help map the uneven circulation of these works within the literary space. 

Through a selected group of contemporary novels beyond the current Anglophone corpus, the project will innovatively cross the poetic and sociological approaches to the genre, the separated adoption of which is now producing contradictory definitions and simplifications. Through this crossing, the project aims to understand how contemporary novels address global matters, such as global violence, inequality, migration, or climate change, at the same time that it attends to how these novels circulate at a large scale in the international literary market.

Project date: September 2021- August 2024

Project date: -
Project status: OBERT
Project sponsor: Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación, Agencia Estatal de Investigación (Spanish Government). Reference: PID2020-118610GA-I00 / AEI / 10.13039/501100011033
Grup de Recerca: Global Literary Studies Research Lab
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Investigador Principal: Rotger Cerdà, Neus; Puxan Oliva, Marta
Equip de projecte:
  • Locane, Jorge Joaquin
  • Ganguly, Debjani
  • Fólica, Laura Virginia
  • Ikoff, Ventsislav
  • Caracciolo, Marco
  • Habjan, Jernej
  • Ballart Lladós, Clara
  • Kvirikashvili Chitishvili, Ana
  • Roig Sanz, Diana
  • Vidal Pérez, Aina
  • Mota de Araujo, Aurea Cristina
  • Bellido Íscar, Aitana Elena
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