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For internet pages we recommend always using the UOC fonts, as they can be installed on the server, and you can specify which fonts to use as alternatives.

For office applications (Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, etc.) and for Google Drive we recommend using the alternative fonts: Arial in place of UOC Sans and Georgia in place of UOC Serif (titles, highlighted fragments, etc.).

To find out more, check our typefaces page.

No. Wherever possible you must use the logo in the corporate colour (without inverting the colour), and the colours of the masterbrand or sub-brands. When this isn't possible due to production needs or the medium where the brand is to be used, the other approved versions may be used.

No. The logo must not be modified, redesigned, or altered in any way that is not approved by the UOC. The UOC brand is flexible and modular, and allows for versions that adapt to different needs and environments.

Contact us and we'll provide you with a logo to suit your project.

As a UOC student you can use the university's logo for your learning activities and in your assessment activities and tests.

Use of the logo is not permitted in other domains, for example in websites, social media or emails expressing personal opinions that are not those of the UOC.

Anyone, whether a natural or legal person, who does not form part of the UOC and wants to use our brand and/or sub-brand graphical images must obtain the corresponding authorization. To do so they should email assessoriajuridica@uoc.edu detailing the uses of the brand for which they are requesting authorization. Once this information has been received, the UOC will study the request.

See our template for authorization of use of the brand.

The person – natural or legal – may make use of the brand once they have received authorization.