Sub-brand logos

The UOC is projected through its masterbrand and five sub-brands:  

· UOC Corporate
· UOC Alumni
· UOC Media


Each of the sub-brands keeps the 'UOC' symbol, but each in a different shape and colour. To its side, between thin horizontal lines, is a module for the sub-brand's name.

The text 'Universitat Oberta de Catalunya' should appear alongside the sub-brands.

A modular system

Just like the masterbrand logo, the sub-brand logos use a grid system, meaning that they can be reformatted in a number of ways and used in combination with other brands.

The system in use

Our modular system means we can have different versions of the sub-brands – specific to research centres, divisions, products or services – in keeping with the main sub-brand concept. Use of the vertical or horizontal version depends on the context and the medium.

Research centres


Relationship between the sub-brands and the UOC logo

To show their link to the UOC, the sub-brands (UOC R&I, UOC X, UOC Alumni, UOC Corporate and UOC Media) should be accompanied by the text 'Universitat Oberta de Catalunya'.
The preferred way of doing this is by splitting it into two lines; if this is not possible, the text 'Universitat Oberta de Catalunya' should appear all in one line, without thin horizontal lines above or below.


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