Based on the logo, two well-matched corporate font families have been created. Both of them maintain and strengthen the spirit of the brand and are very clear to read on digital devices and paper alike. 

 UOC Sans and UOC Serif are proprietary typefaces to be used exclusively by the UOC. 

UOC Sans

UOC Sans is a contemporary sans serif typeface. It has a degree of compactness and simplicity that make it highly versatile for different corporate uses. 


UOC Serif

UOC Serif has a clearer contrast that makes it more elegant when used in larger font sizes.
Stylistically, it offers a fusion of the humanist and neoclassical typographies used most in books and the press, especially in the fields of knowledge and dissemination.

Tipografías alternativas

For technical reasons, using the corporate fonts is not always possible. In Google Drive, PowerPoint, email and any other software where the corporate typefaces are unavailable, use these alternatives: 

Arial (alternative to UOC Sans)

Georgia (alternative to UOC Serif)