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The Catalan government, the Human Rights Institute for Catalonia and the UOC set up the first Masters in Human Rights and Democracy

A collaboration agreement signed by the Catalan Minister for the Interior, Institutional Relations and Participation, Joan Saura; the President of the Human Rights Institute of Catalonia, Jaume Saura, and the President of the UOC, Imma Tubella, has marked the start of the first Masters in Human Rights and Democracy in Catalonia (and the first online in Spain). Teaching is to begin on October 29.
The programme, which involves 1,500 hours of study, is made up of four modules: Introduction to human rights and democracy; Legal protection of human rights; Human rights, democracy and globalisation, and Human rights, democracy and conflict.

The Masters in Human Rights and Democracy is aimed at researchers and professionals specialising in human rights and the processes of transition to democracy. This multilingual course has been made possible thanks to support from the Catalan government’s Office for the Promotion of Peace and Human Rights, which offers study and other grants. The University of Barcelona, the Autonomous University of Barcelona and Rovira i Virgili University are also collaborating in the project.

Those interested in the course also have the chance, should they so wish, to study the Citizenship and legal protection of human rights postgraduate course (which includes the Introduction to human rights and Legal protection of human rights modules and involves 750 hours of study) or the Citizenship and human rights specialisation course (which involves 325 hours of study and looks specifically at the Introduction to human rights and democracy module).

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