Joint statement 'In defence of democracy' by the ACUP

The UOC supports the protest strike taking place on Tuesday 3 October and subscribes to the joint statement – "In defence of democracy" – made by the Catalan Association of Public Universities (ACUP).


Statement by the ACUP

Last week, in response to arrests of staff from the Catalan Government and public institutions, and in the face of interventions in the bank accounts of universities and research centres, Catalan public universities issued a statement calling for dialogue as the only possible way of achieving understanding in democracy, and decrying the unwarranted repression of the actions taken by the Spanish government.

Today, following the indiscriminate acts of violence committed in numerous parts of Catalonia yesterday, we again state in the clearest and most categorical terms that democracy can only be achieved through voting.

We urge all members of the university community to remain calm and to continue behaving as we have to date, that is to say peacefully and with respect for all opinions and all political options relating to Catalonia's current political situation. On the part of our universities, we reiterate our total commitment to the defence of dialogue and negotiation, the defence of individual and collective freedoms and, in essence, the defence of democracy.

Accordingly, the Catalan public universities shall participate in the protest strike called for tomorrow, Tuesday 3 October.


Barcelona, 2 October 2017