Statement by the UOC's Board of Trustees

Faced with the seriousness of recent events, events which have had a direct effect on members of the UOC's Board of Trustees, we wish to stress our firm commitment to the institutions of Catalonia, its Government and its Parliament, and to its democratically elected representatives.

We are convinced that this political conflict can only be resolved through dialogue, renouncing all forms of violence and with a constant respect for democratic principles and fundamental rights.

For this reason, today, more than ever, we call on all the institutions that represent us to use all the means at their disposal to search for and find a solution to the current political situation in the interests of Catalonia as a whole, its institutions and its people.

The UOC, founded and rooted in Catalonia, is now a global institution, with a rich and diverse community present around the world.

As a university institution, it bases its activities on freedom of thought, fostering of critical reasoning and free expression of all opinions. And this board of trustees, as the highest authority at the University, must continue to work to strengthen its success, and guarantee and defend these conditions, while respecting the mandate we received when the Catalan Parliament unanimously passed the law to found the institution.

Barcelona, 4 November 2017

Barcelona, 4 de noviembre de 2017