UOC ranked second Spanish-speaking online educational institution in the world

For the second year running, the UOC has been ranked the top European, and the number two worldwide, Spanish-speaking online educational institution, in the World ranking of Spanish-speaking online higher-education institutions produced by the market research consultancy firm Hamilton Global Intelligence. In the ranking, 120 higher education institutions from Spain, Latin America and the United States were analysed, 10% more than in the previous year.

The study rates the quality of education in universities and business schools that offer MBAs or similar programmes. These programmes have to be at least 80% online and have been running for at least five years. In the case of the UOC, the Executive MBA in Entrepreneurship and Innovation was evaluated; it is a programme aimed at professionals with at least five years' work experience who wish to progress in the world of business management and administration and gain positions of greater responsibility that involve innovation, company creation and management of new projects.

Only Mexico's Monterrey Institute of Technology placed higher than the UOC, retaining the position it held in 2016. The UOC was ranked the second international and the top Spanish and European institution, in a ranking which includes universities such as UNIR, VIU or UDIMA. The ranking also revealed that 93% of students taking an online MBA secure a job with a salary that is, on average, 20% higher.

The academic director of the UOC's MBA programmes, professor Enric Serradell, said that the consolidation of this position would not be possible without an extraordinary team of expert professors with a long professional track record. "Our desire is to continue to work hard with great enthusiasm and a really optimistic outlook towards the future".

Connected to the world

To ensure it continues to act as a benchmark for institutions around the world, the UOC is strengthening its commitment to globalization. The University aims to showcase its educational model on the international stage, cooperate with universities and institutions around the world, increase the societal impact of education and improve the quality of the teaching and research.

Indeed, the UOC already has a strong international presence thanks to alliances with Colombian universities such as UniAndes and Uniminuto, public authorities such as Colombia's Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies, and institutions such as UNESCO, UNITAR, WHO and FAO. In terms of international research, the UOC fosters Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) and is involved in 57 research projects, of which it coordinates five.

The people behind the ranking

The ranking was produced by Hamilton, a market research consulting company with extensive international experience across a multitude of sectors. The firm provides holistic, research-based marketing solutions and a strategic market perspective. It specializes in helping businesses compile, structure and analyse data.