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Mexico recognizes the quality of the UOC in University higher education

  Photo: Cèlia Atset

Photo: Cèlia Atset

The Mexican Secretariat of Public Education's Directorate General of Accreditation (SEP-DGAIR) has published a list of accredited Spanish higher education institutions. The UOC has been included on this list, which recognizes and accredits 76 of the 83 universities in Spain.

Being added to this list means that Mexican students will recognize the UOC's prestige and be able to trust it if they want to study here. "This represents another step towards positioning our model as a worldwide point of reference, towards gaining recognition for our courses in Latin America and towards extending our reach," said Gemma Xarles, director of Globalization and Cooperation.

"We will continue to work on the process to get our Mexican students' qualifications recognized, so that this recognition can be immediate," said Soreya Reyes, director of the UOC centre in Mexico. She explained that this is the centre's priority right now because "Mexico is a benchmark for higher education in Latin America and this recognition makes it easier to move into other countries where our educational model can contribute to increasing access and coverage of university-level courses".

Currently, Mexican graduates from the UOC can count on support from the centre when they apply for recognition of official courses in their home country. With the aim of making this easier, "the University has established a direct line of communication with the DGAIR to speed up the response time, to provide the necessary information to establish a precedent for UOC qualifications and to get as many people's qualifications recognized as possible," said Reyes.

Accreditation of online education in Mexico

Last December, Juan Carlos del Castillo, technical director of Mexico's Higher Education Accreditation Board (COPAES) visited the UOC to find out about our learning model, at a time when his country was starting the process to accredit online education.

Over three days, he had meetings with staff from the University and from Catalonia's University Quality Assurance Agency (AQU) to get first-hand experience of the UOC's accreditation process, and to share experiences and best practices. Del Castillo spoke highly of this exchange of ideas:  "it has been a really gratifying experience being able to get to know such a well-established university in the field of online education [...] it gives us an idea of how things should be done."