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The UOC takes part in the #NingúnMayorSolo initiative to provide psychological support for the elderly during the lockdown

  Photo: Sabine van Erp / Pixabay

Photo: Sabine van Erp / Pixabay

Mariona Folguera
The aim is to offer free psychological care to both the elderly and healthcare personnel so they are better equipped to handle what is for many a difficult situation

Psychologists all over Spain have shown their altruistic side by joining Ningún Mayor Solo, a solidarity initiative led by DKV Servicios, the General Psychology Council of Spain, Plataforma del Voluntariado de España and the Spanish Society of Geriatrics and Gerontology. #NingúnMayorSolo will make psychological counselling available to the elderly and health professionals so that they are better equipped to handle the current situation caused by the coronavirus. The Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) signed an agreement with the insurance company, DKV Servicios, in 2018, which allowed Manuel Armayones, expert in behavioural design at the eHealth Center and professor at the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences, to be a part of the team that advised the project's creators.

The #NingúnMayorSolo project is part of a wider campaign, #PsicólogosFrentealCovid, and involves two phases. The first is a telephone line (976 388 601), already up and running, which elderly members of our community can call if they feel they need psychological help. Organizations from the voluntary sector can also refer possible users whenever they think it is warranted.

The second phase, still under construction, will focus only on healthcare professionals and is based on the Quiero Cuidarme Más app. In both cases, any data provided by the parties will be treated as confidential and doctor-patient confidentiality will be respected in all dealings with healthcare professionals.

Armayones, recognized as an influencer by Forbes magazine, sees the psychological counselling that the platform offers to the elderly and healthcare professionals as a "pressing need" given the current situation. His expertise in behavioural design and the use of ICTs was invaluable to the project from the start, and he was able to "participate not only in the initiative's design but also its promotion and dissemination". The efforts of everyone involved was an attempt to "help reinforce the emotional wherewithal of those fighting COVID-19 during an exceptional time requiring exceptional measures".

As the project is open and fuelled by a collaborative spirit, any psychologists wishing to join can still do so by registering at, after which they will be sent the relevant information and instructions on how to proceed.

Joining the UOC in lending support to the #NingúnMayorSolo initiative are Numintec, Salutic, Orange, Fundación Salud y Persona, Amigos de los Mayores, Fundación Integralia DKV, the Human Age Institute by Manpower Group, Fundación Edad&Vida, Círculo de Orellana, Ita (mental health specialists), Seniors en Red, Fundación Telefónica España, Instituto Relacional, Banco Sabadell and Zurich.


Photograph of Manuel Armayones Ruiz

Manuel Armayones Ruiz

Lecturer in the Psychology and Education Sciences Department
Director of Development fo the eHealth Center Programme Director of the Joint Master's Degree in General Health Psychology (UdG, UOC)

Expert in: E-health; the Internet and health; e-patients; health in the future; the psychological impact of ICT; patient social networks; addiction; the Internet and new technologies; health and robotics; rare diseases and the Internet; online psychological intervention strategies; rare diseases and ICT.

Knowledge area: eHealth, eSalut, health and ICTs.

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