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Message from the president in support of the Ukrainian community
  support of the Ukrainian members of the UOC community

Photo: Egor Lyfar / Unsplash


The UOC wishes to express its utmost support and solidarity for the Ukrainian members of the University's community currently affected by the terrible consequences of the military attack commanded by the Russian government on the country and its people.  

We wish to make plain our abhorrence for this war, which is leading to thousands of people being killed, injured and displaced, and its use as a tool for political and territorial conflicts. We also wish to condemn the arrests of the thousands of people throughout Russia who have protested against the invasion of Ukraine. We stand against any action that undermines human rights, international humanitarian law or democratic principles. 

In response to what the UOC's Ukrainian community is going through, we wanted to let you know that the University's Help Service is available to help with any needs that may arise and with anything that might affect your academic activities. We will be introducing measures to help adapt your studies and make sure you can continue this year, despite the difficulties. 

The UOC prides itself as being a university offering refuge. We have had a programme in place welcoming refugees from around the world since 2017, and we are committed to providing our resources to bodies and administrations to ensure new arrivals can gain access to university programmes. With all this in mind, we call for dialogue, peaceful social harmony and non-violence to de-escalate the situation and bring an end to this conflict. 

My warmest regards,

Josep A. Planell

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