The popular "Conditions of the Brain" series comes to a close


"When science moves outside of universities and comes into contact with people who work in culture, it generates remarkable interest among the public". This was how Pastora Martnez, Vice President for Globalization and Cooperation and the curator of the project, explained the success of this series, which was co-organized with the Sala Beckett. Three dialogues on creativity, memory and mental suffering, with science and non-science experts, hung up the "sold out" sign days in advance.

"The university has to stress its role of transforming individuals and groups, and what better way than sharing its spaces, fostering meeting places where co-creation projects begin, and tackling the issues that concern society".

Watch our video chronicling the series:

Part of the UOC's strategy to become a global university with social impact, the project has achieved its objectives, building bridges between different areas of knowledge and helping expand the science skills of the participants. In addition, scientists from our University and playwrights on the Catalan theatre scene met at a discussion behind closed doors, where they tackled different concepts in line with both disciplines with the aim of nourishing each other and seeking common work spaces.

On 21 November, President Josep A. Planell and Pastora Martnez visited the Sala Beckett to explore new avenues of cooperation with the theatre. During the visit, the president and the director of the Sala Beckett, Toni Casares, signed the framework agreement that will cover future collaborations.

The "Conditions of the Brain" series

The series aims to promote critical thought on some of the unknowns of science relating to questions surrounding the brain and everything that is derived from this organ, through scientific discussions, dissemination and art.


It also included shows and dramatized readings and an exhibition of reproductions of scientific drawings by Nobel prize-winner Santiago Ramn y Cajal.