The eLearn Center opens a call to international researchers

The deadline for applying is 30 July 2018

New Goals (NG) is a three-year programme, by the eLearn Center (eLC), aimed at developing the UOC's strategic lines of research in e‑learning. The field of research for this first edition centres on Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS: see the preamble of the terms and conditions) and their potential effects on students' learning processes. The research to be developed will be translational.

People participating in the NG programme will come from an international call for applications for principal investigators. The resulting team will be an international leader and help generate new and significant knowledge in experimentation. It will put the UOC at the cutting edge.

Terms and conditions and how to apply

The deadline for applying is 30 July 2018. Send your proposals to, indicating the code shown in the terms and conditions of the call in the subject line. Alongside the application, you need to include the documents listed in the Deadline and grant award section of the call for applications. Applications will not be considered accepted until the applicant has received a confirmation email.

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