Research and Innovation Committee

The Research and Innovation Committee provides support and advice to the Office of the Vice President for Strategic Planning and Research. It is responsible for establishing the strategies and actions deriving from the UOC’s research and innovation policy. The committee’s objectives and functions include:

  • promoting growth and consolidation of the most important lines of research;
  • supervising and informing on the aptness of proposals for new research, development and innovation projects, applications for infrastructure, training grants or any other application for funding from external bodies;
  • drafting the annual report on research and helping develop the proposals for improvement resulting from its evaluation;
  • guaranteeing the quality of the training programmes for early-stage researchers and proposing continuing education for faculty and researchers;
  • supervising the organization and grouping of research activities and promoting transfer of knowledge and innovation to the local, national and international socioeconomic context, and fostering exploitation of the results of the research and the spirit of enterprise.

The members of the Research and Innovation Committee are appointed by the Office of the Vice President for Strategic Planning and Research. The members of the committee are formed by a Pemanent Committee and more members:

Pemanent Committee:

  • Marta Aymerich Martnez, Vice President of Strategic Planning and Research, and chair
  • Mireia Riera Duran, Director of the Knowledge Transfer and Research Support Office (OSRT), and secretary
  • David Megas Jimnez, Director of the IN3
  • David Masip Rod, Director ot the PhD School
  • Antoni Prez Navarro, eLearn Center
  • Ciro Llueca Fonollosa, Director of Library Area and Learning Resources

And the rest of members:

  • Guillem Garcia Brustenga, eLearn Center
  • Manuel Armayones Ruiz, eHealth Center
  • Daniel Aranda Jurez, Faculty of Information and Communication Sciences
  • Albert Batlle Rubio, Faculty of Law and Political Science
  • Josep Llads Masllorens, Faculty of Economics and Business
  • Diego Redolar Ripoll, Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Lloren Andreu Barrachina, Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences
  • Carles Prado Fonts, Faculty of Arts and Humanities
  • Daniel Riera Terrn, Faculty of Computer Science, Multimedia and Telecommunications
  • Clara Riera Quintero, Director of the Research Library Services
  • Nadja Gmelch, Globalization and Cooperation
  • Josep Grau Valldosera, Strategic Planning Area