About the UOC

Reinventing the university

We believe that higher education cannot simply be a process that ends with an official qualification. Higher education must make a contribution to the development of individuals, businesses, institutions and society in general. Education must be provided in the skills and knowledge that enable value to be contributed to society. We have been reinventing the university since 1995, when the UOC was created as the world's first online university. 

UOC, the world's first online university  

UOC, the world's first online university

Mission, vision and values

Mission, vision and values

As part of a network with other universities around the world, the UOC aims to drive the creation of a global knowledge space and frontier research in the knowledge society.

The UOC innovates with its own educational model, focusing on the student and providing high-quality personalized training to boost competitiveness and contribute to the progress of society.

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Educational model

A unique model

You will learn actively, constantly accompanied by the teaching team, in collaboration with your classmates, with support from tools and resources, and with competency-based assessment.


«The people here really support you»

Amna Qureshi, doctoral programme in Network and Information Technology

Coneix el model educatiu

Endorsed by students

93.4% would choose the UOC again.

90% success rate.

Recognized by companies

92% employment rate

82% have a job that is related to their studies

International awards

Two gold awards, one silver, one bronze and one for leadership at the Learning Impact Awards.

Focused on the future

A model that prepares you to be a global citizen.

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active classrooms

teaching staff


Inclusive and socially responsible

We are committed to social responsibility and integrate it in our values. Our goal is to transform students into responsible, professional citizens who generate value for a fairer, more inclusive and more sustainable economy and society.