Advisory Board

The FUOC’s Board of Trustees is supported by an advisory board, as established in the agreement of 28 December 1995 with the Government of Catalonia that approved this advisory board’s members and functions (Resolution of 8 January 1996).

The law regulating the University includes the forming of this advisory board to ensure wide representation of Catalan society in the UOC’s decision-making processes. Alongside its advisory tasks and links to society, the board also provides input on the University’s budget and operations, and the appointment of its president.

The members of the board include, alongside the president of the UOC and the CEO of the FUOC, representatives from the Catalan Parliament, public universities, business organizations and unions, and other figures from the world of research and culture. It thus ensures a wide range of representatives from Catalan society. The UOC is a university that provides a public service and, as such, has both a desire and a duty to serve this society.

The president of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

The chief Executive Officer of the Fundaci per a la Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

 Nominated by the Catalan Parliament

Designated by the Interuniversity Council of Catalonia

Designated by business organisations

 Designated by trade union organisations

Nominated by the Board of Trustees

The President is named by the FUOC Board of Trustees from among the Council members.

The Council Secretary is the FUOC Secretary, and has an advisory role.