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Learning to live together

Mustapha Cherif (

Philosopher and Lecturer at Algiers University


The new world order is an unpredictable path creating intolerance, injustice and unhappiness. This situation must be remedied by means of three different perspectives: logic, justice and meaning. It is necessary to open up to other peoples, creating relationships that overcome differences, containing common universal values in which these three dimensions are taken into account. The truth does not lie in one people or another, but rather in the relationship between them. Logic and meaning, reason and religion, are not opposites, but should instead complement each other, although without confusing one with the other.

According to the author, there are three aspects of globalisation that are of particular concern due to the destabilisation that they involve in international terms. The first is that globalisation is associated not only with the secularisation of peoples, but also with their despiritualisation and loss of values. The second destabilising aspect is the depoliticisation of society, as we increasingly govern ourselves less in terms of peoples and the individuals who comprise them, and more according to the systems which govern flows of capital. The marginalisation of the opportunity to think - to think differently, the absence of interculturalism and interdisciplinarity, and the decline in the human and social sciences are the third disturbing aspect of the present world order.

In this context, sensitive, thoughtful and reasonable individuals and peoples must not yield to the international lack of direction and disorder, as nothing less than the future of the world is at stake. In this regard, the Mediterranean peoples have a major role to play in the creation of a new world in which peoples open up to each other and establish harmonious relationships from the point of view of logic, justice and meaning.


dialogue, interculturalism, justice, meaning, modernity, standardisation, values

Published in:  October 2006

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