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Monograph "Health Interventions on the Internet"

The use of new information and communication technology in Clinical Psychology

Cristina Botella (

Doctor in Psychology and Professor of Psychological Treatments in the Basic and Clinical Psychology and Psychobiology department at Castellón's Jaume I University (UJI)

Rosa Baños

Azucena García-Palacios

Soledad Quero

Verónica Guillén

Heliodoro José Marco


The use of new technologies has experienced an important increment in the last years. The purpose of promoting the development and the use of these systems in different areas is to provide benefits to the population in any life area. Specifically, in Psychology these information and communication technologies (ITCs) have been applied in different fields (experimental psychology, education psychology, social psychology, psychological assessment and clinical psychology). The present work describes some of these ITC technologies used by our research group which are reaching a high applicability in Clinical Psychology. These techniques are Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Internet-based Telepsychology. In addition, this work stands out the advantages of these systems in comparison to traditional therapy and some of the existing limitations. Finally, future perspectives in Clinical Psychology with these novelty systems and its utility are described.


Augmented Reality, CITs, Clinical Psychology, Internet, New Technologies, Psychological Treatments, Virtual Reality

Submission date:  December 2006
Published in:  March 2007

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