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Monograph "Health Interventions on the Internet"

FisterraSalud: A portal for patients

M.ª Pilar Farjas (

Specialist in Preventative Medicine and Public Health

Collaborator on

Joaquín Serrano

Specialist in Family and Community Health

Coordinator of the "Help in the Consultation" section on


The growing demand for websites that people can consult on health issues has led to the creation of web pages by illness associations, scientific societies, healthcare organisations, etc. Nonetheless, most of them are pages dealing with just one subject, depend on profit-making bodies, or, in the case of pages produced by official bodies, contain essentially administrative information.

An additional aspect which has led to the creation of documents for help in consultations on to date is the need to provide primary healthcare professionals with documents that they can give to patients, informing them about their health problem, the procedures, treatments and guidelines for action before and after diagnostic tests or treatment, and to guide carers and self care.

This is the context for the carrying out of the FisterraSalud project: the creation of a website for patients, where they can consult and find information and materials on self care and mutual help regarding illnesses, health problems, and diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, etc., in Spanish, produced by healthcare professionals and based on the best scientific evidence available.

It is a free and open web site for patients where information is organised by subject (in alphabetical order). Each subject area contains information produced by Fisterra, as well as links to selected pages with information or to associations and organisations offering care or help for patients.


health information, patients' web site, self care

Submission date:  December 2006
Published in:  March 2007

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