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Monograph "Health Interventions on the Net"

A study of health interventions on the Internet

Eulàlia Hernández (coord.) (

Lecturer in the UOC Department of Psychology and Educational Sciences

Researcher in the PSiNET group (IN3)

Beni Gómez-Zúñiga (coord.) (

Lecturer in the Department of Psychology and Educational Sciences (UOC)

Researcher in the PSiNET group (IN3)


Use of the Net in the field of health is increasing significantly, changing the relations between the technology and the models, uses and experiences with regard to people's health. Once the key aspects for a people-focused e-health model have been reviewed, then the need to look at health on the Internet from the perspective of psychology is highlighted, given that e-health goes beyond mere health interventions to become health experiences. Thus, it is necessary to adapt interventions not only to the specific field of health, but also to the characteristics of the user so as to bring about a change in behaviour. Consequently, the quality of interventions becomes a crucial issue that has to be assessed in terms of all of its processes, stressing those that may be the areas for action. Finally, certain examples of models for intervention, which are renowned for the quality of their experiences, are presented.


Internet, e-health, health psychology, health, intervention

Submission date:  December 2006
Published in:  March 2007

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