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The Internet and Health Care: Theory, Research, and Practice

Monica Murero (ed.)


The Internet and Health Care: Theory, Research, and Practice presents an in-depth analysis of the field of health care and the Internet, from international and interdisciplinary perspectives. With an international collection of contributors, as well as notable scholars from the United States, this volume provides a current examination of key issues and research projects in the area. It combines expertise in the social sciences, medicine, policy, and systems analysis, and presents work utilizing a variety of theories and research methods, including personal interviews, focus groups, observations, regional and national surveys, and online transcript analysis.

Contributions cover such timely topics as:

- E-Health trends and theory;
- Searching, discussing, and evaluating online health information at the individual level of analysis
- Discussing health information at the group or community level of analysis; and
- Implementing health information systems at the regional and social level of analysis.

The Internet and Health Care will prove useful for educators and students in the social, public health, and medical disciplines. It is also appropriate for professionals in these disciplines, including developers and providers of online health information, who embrace an integrative theoretical, empirical, and critical analysis of the subject matter.


health care, Internet, new technologies, online health information

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Title: The Internet and Health Care: Theory, Research, and Practice
Author: Monica Murero (ed.)
Publication: London: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2006
Subjects: Medicine - Informatics, Medical technology, Medicine - Electronic resources on the net
ISBN: 0-8058-5815-6


1 E-Health Research

2 E-Health: Beyond Internet Searches
3 E-Research and E-Learning: Could Online Virtual Environments Help Doctors Take Better Care of Patients?
4 The State of E-Commerce in Health: An Examination, Diagnosis, and Prognosis
5 Media Use Theory and Internet Use for Health Care

6 Singapore Internet Users' Health Information Search: Motivation, Perception of Information Sources, and Self-Efficacy
7 Patients' Online Information-Seeking Behavior
8 Internet Use in Physician Practice and Patient Interaction
9 Delivering the Goods: Midwives' Use of the Internet
10 The Mysterious Maze of the World Wide Web: How Can We Guide Consumers to High-Quality Health Information on the Internet?

11 Online Communities for Mutual Help: Fears, Fiction, and Facts
12 The Use of the Internet for Health Information and Social Support: A Content Analysis of Online Breast Cancer Discussion Groups
13 Designing and Implementing Virtual Patient Support Communities: A German Case Study

14 Technology and Health Information Privacy: Consumers and the Adoption of Digital Medical Records Technology
15 Web-Based Computer-Tailored Feedback on Alcohol Use: Motivating Excessive Drinkers to Consider Their Behavior
16 Telehealth in Indigenous Communities in the Far North: Challenges for Continued Development
17 Internet in the War Against HIV/AIDS in Asia
18 New Technologies and Public Health in Developing Countries: The Cell PREVEN Project

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