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Technofeminism, by Judy Wajcman

Eva Patrícia Gil Rodríguez (

Researcher with the UOC�s Technology and Social Action Research Group (ATIC)


This work takes the following premise as its starting point: designing technology with a gender perspective means that the technological artefacts (from microwaves to word processors, from our own houses to the design of our cities) are formed by gender relationships, by their meanings and by their associated practices.

Starting from this premise, Judy Wajcman takes a look at the different reflections made from feminism regarding technoscience, from the start of the post-industrial era to the present day, within the field of social science studies and technology.


feminism, gender, social studies, techno-science, technofeminism, technology

Submission date:  February 2007
Accepted in:  March 2007
Published in:  October 2007

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