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Making knowledge common: literacy and knowledge at work

Leslie Farrell


"Making Knowledge Common" looks at how ordinary people in ordinary workplaces use literacy to make the global knowledge economy happen. It challenges established views of what "counts" as knowledge at work, of how ICT (information and communication technology) helps and hinders people sharing knowledge in global networks of production, and of how workplace education develops and promotes the literacy practices that connect global knowledge economies. This book must be read by any instructor who teaches in the area of literacy, and by every graduate student who follows the field.


Knowledge Economy, Knowledge management, Literacy, information and communication technology (ICT), knowledge at work (o workplace education)

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Title: Making knowledge common: literacy & knowledge at work
Author: Lesley Farrell
Publication: New York: Peter Lang, 2006
Subjects: enterprise communications,knowledge management, staff-learning
ISBN: 0-8204-6761-8


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